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HERMOSILLO, MEXICO - AUGUST 24: Claudia helps her younger sister Camila, 12 years old, to obtain digital signal from channels that transmit high school content at the beginning of the back to school on August 24, 2020 in Hermosillo, Mexico. Mexican government will not allow in-person lessons this year and has developed a remote education system based on TV broadcasting. "Aprende en Casa" ("learn at home") program will support around 30 million students in the country in the 4 levels of basic education (kindergarten, preschool, elementary and secondary school) during the Covid-19 pandemic. Books will be available in an online platform and over 4,000 educational TV programs have been prepared to be broadcasted in different channels. According to official statistics, 56% of households have access to internet while 93% have a television. Radio programs will also be used to reach those kids with no connection nor TV, specially at indigenous communities. (Photo by Luis Gutierrez/Norte Photo/Getty Images)