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HERMOSILLO, MEXICO - AUGUST 24: 12-year-old Camila solves education exercises for the first grade of secondary school in a textbook awaiting the start of the digital television programs that broadcast classes from today on August 24, 2020 in Hermosillo, Mexico. Mexican government will not allow in-person lessons this year and has developed a remote education system based on TV broadcasting. "Aprende en Casa" ("learn at home") program will support around 30 million students in the country in the 4 levels of basic education (kindergarten, preschool, elementary and secondary school) during the Covid-19 pandemic. Books will be available in an online platform and over 4,000 educational TV programs have been prepared to be broadcasted in different channels. According to official statistics, 56% of households have access to internet while 93% have a television. Radio programs will also be used to reach those kids with no connection nor TV, specially at indigenous communities. (Photo by Luis Gutierrez/Norte Photo/Getty Images)