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Border wall and gatehouse in Nogales Sonora in Mexico and Nogales Arizona in the United States. Frontier crossing, point of entry of the National Institute of Movement, INM, Nogales Customs - Nogales International Bridge- Nogales Border Port. Heroica Nogales, EU, USA, Border, Garita, border wall, migration.<br />
(Photo by Luis Gutierrez /<br />
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Muro fronterizo y garita en Nogales Sonora en Mexico y Nogales Arizona en Estados Unidos. Cruce fornterizo, Punto de internacion del Instituto Nacional de Mogracion,  INM, Aduana Nogales - Puente Internacional Nogales-  Puerto Fronterizo Nogales. Heroica Nogales, EU, USA, Frontera, Garita, muro fronterizo, migración.<br />
(Photo by  Luis Gutierrez/