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Seri is the name of an ethnic group that lives in the Mexican state of Sonora. The word for this town is of unknown origin, but its members call themselves Comcaac.<br />
Seriland in the state of Sonora, comprising an area of ​​approximately 211,000 ha MASL, and is composed of a mainland portion and Tiburon Island, located in the Gulf of California, off the central coast of the state.<br />
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The seris mainly inhabit the towns of El Desemboque (Haxöl Iihom, Pitiquito Township, and Punta Chueca (Socaaix,) in coastal town of Hermosillo Sonora.<br />
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In pre-Hispanic times, the territory of the Seri expanded between mountain ranges, desert oaks and the Gulf of California. Being a nomadic people, the Seri roamed an area corresponding to the current fourteen municipalities of Sonora. It is believed that at that time, the Seri people were organized into six bands, in turn divided into clans.<br />
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On his return from the Seri Tiburon settled along the coast, until in 1936 the then President, General Lázaro Cárdenas, meeting their demands for support, your organization promoted fishing cooperatives, provided them the necessary equipment and concentrated in the town of Bahía de Kino. However, increasingly colonizing leave this populated by non-indigenous fishermen, moved to Seri Desemboque using some intermediate camps and occasional fields. In 1970 the territory was recognized when President Luis Echeverría ejido gave them a coastline of 91,000 ha, which corresponds to 0.5% of the total area of the state. In 1975, with several more decrees, the same president declares the Strait of Infiernillo as seri exclusive fishing zone and gave them symbolically as communal ownership Tiburon, as enacted in 1963 as an ecological reserve