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More than three thousand students from public and private universities in the city of Puebla, accompanied by social organizations and citizens, carried out a march and sit-in demanding justice and resolution in the case of the 43 normalistas from the Ayotzinapa community who disappeared in Iguala Guerrero; as well as a halt to the repression and violence experienced in the state of Puebla. PHOTO: HILDA RÍOS / NortePhoto<br />
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Last July, after having approved in the state the so-called Bullet Law that allows the use of public force to resolve social conflicts; Puebla Governor Rafael Moreno Valle ordered a small group of grenadiers to disperse with tear gas and rubber bullets a group of protesters from the auxiliary junta of Chalchihuapan who, demanding the restoration of the civil registry service in their communities, blocked the highway. Puebla-Atlixco for 4 hours, which led to a confrontation between grenadiers and inhabitants in which a child was injured and later died after the impact of a rubber bullet to the head.<br />
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After the repression by the state government and the violent events in which the "Guerreros Unidos" drug cartel participated in the disappearance of 43 normalistas in the city of Iguala Guerrero, the Puebla community demands the resignation of the governor of Puebla Rafael Moreno Valle and it joins the demand of the rest of the Mexicans to remove the current President of the Republic Enrique Peña Nieto. PUEBLA, MEXICO; NOVEMBER 20, 2014.-<br />
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