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In a very different and very good-tasting style, people describe the<br />
tacos prepared by Don Alfredo Ruiseñor Gonzalez known to all as<br />
 El Muñeco, which already has more than 40 years of taquero with a start<br />
in this gastronomic profession in 1968, the year the Olympics were held in Mexico<br />
It is a lake that remembers it and has it well in mind, at that time it sold tacos<br />
 head and barbecue as a hawker in the mornings and afternoons of roast beef<br />
She headed for the Kino Boulevard just on the corner where the La Siesta hotel is.<br />
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Originally from one of the 125 municipalities in the state of Mexico called<br />
Cuautitlán Izcalli remembers Hermosillo as an emigrant from the south of the country, ¨I did not go to school<br />
In addition there was almost no chamba¨ I had no primer or primary certificate and so it was difficult<br />
they would give him a job in the factories so he came as part of the floating population<br />
that arrives by thousands to the agricultural fields of the coast and the Miguel Aleman town.<br />
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¨I was morro ¨ he says that it was in the summer of 1958 that he pisco cotton only for two years and from there he worked in the kitchen of the Gándara Hotel and waited eight years to request a salary increase from Don Raul Gándara, who denied it, he claims to work more than the others, when don Raul went home, the employees had fun in the pool ... ¨ they paid me pure minimum salary, do you think? and I left as a taquero¨ smiles as he says it was the best decision of his life.<br />
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